A 17 year old Germany boy, Timo Julian Fischer used his little school savings to travel to Uganda to positively change Communities of Children and elderly

Uganda is one of the friendliest nations you can visit in Africa – and even the world – with their wonderful hospitality earning the top spot in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel rankingsjust a few years ago. And if the hospitality isn’t enough to rope you in, Uganda is also known for amazing food (chicken stew, plantains, donuts, and so much more!) and incredible wildlife.
Voluntary work in communities has proved to be a very fast trucking means of developing communities simply because volunteers come with great opportunities and ideas to fast truck development. Power Minds Youth Organisation has achieved tremendous development in the communities it serves as a result of volunteers ideas and great work.


Volunteer: Timo Fischer                                                                                                                     Katharina and Franz                                     
In January 2018 we received the youngest volunteer among the ones we we have worked with in the past 5 years. Mr. TIMO JULIAN FISCHER a 17 year old from Idstein Frankfurt Germany. Timo  made an individual decision as a young boy to travel to Uganda to see what and how we are changing our communities, he came with a great idea of joining us as a change agent in Uganda. And for the first 2 weeks after being assigned tasks in the community to work with the children and elderly which was his passion, there was a lot of discovering and research he made.
      After a good analysis and interpretation of his research, he saw a lot of poverty and under development in rural areas of Uganda especially affecting children, youth and elderly.
        Timo decided to create a project of his own called ”Fischer Foundation Project” as an avenue to help a family in Kobba village Kasanje town council Wakiso district which has over 30 children and 5 elderly living in a house of 1 room with a terrible living condition eating 1 meal a day sometimes not a meal a day by providing them with basic needs of life like shelter, food, education sanitation and hygiene etc.
      Timo was so touched and decided to divert all his pocket money that was supposed to cater for him while in Africa including his safari trip where he badly needed to see an ”African lion” as his dream. He decided to provide the basics necessities to the children and elderly using his funds. I was personally shocked at his decision and when I asked him how he was gonna leave here, he simply said: ”I came to experience happiness in Africa Uganda and my decision is part of my happiness I don’t car about myself but the happy faces I have just seen in the children who leave on a small unsatisfying meal a day walking barefoot with tone clothes shivering in a cold rainy day. How they even afford a smile despite of the poor living conditions is what has brought my happiness”
        By the end of Timo trip and voluntary work he had donated to a family with over 1000 kilograms of food and drinks and scholastic materials to help in education. He even decided to take up this family as his own so that he can complete what he started. He promised big changes in the community he served for sustainable household development.

                    Timo giving out groceries and food to children’s orphanage home

      Timo writing with the children         
Timo working at the Disabled Children project
    Timo expressing his sympathy with a disabled child ”Andrew”  abandoned by parents because of his disability
                      Timo receiving a gift of appreciation from grandma. Zuckercane and banana       
Timo and his new welcoming family (Nicholas familie)
      Timo and his best African dish: Matooke, beef, local roots and fish
Timo trying out production of music in studio
    Timo and the elderly mother
You too can do what Timo Fischer did, you don’t need to be wealthy, rich or famous but you only need to have a big heart for your community.

To support this project follow this link.

Powered by GGF     I dedicate this article to Mr. Bernhard Wingerberg, Mr. Micheal Fischer, Timo Fischer, Heidi Fischer, Niklas Fischer and the entire family in Idstein for giving people in my community great hope. Nicholas Ssenjala und Power Minds Youth Organisation wir sagen Danke und Gott segne dich mit 150 Jahren des Lebens.

I cannot conclude this article by not applauding the decision that was taken by my colleague and big brother Mr. Bernhard Wingerberg and his Familie Renate Wingerberg of a long term continuation of positively changing lives in East Africa through sustainable community development . You can follow and join him and his mission to help communities in Africa on his facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PeopleHelpPeople.OneWorld or Bernhard Wingerberg.
Author: Nicholas Ssenjala. Executive Director/Founder, Power Minds Youth Organisation, Email: mail@powermindsyouth.org

Children with Disability Project UMEA primary School Nansana Wakiso District

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  1. People who do good things for others with out any interest,there reward is in heaven.dont stop to do good and its my prayer that may
    Jesus bless this project mightly.

  2. May God bless the heart of this young boy, and may he extend to the great good level of life, these kind of people are needed in the world of to day!

  3. Thank u Mr. Timo Julian for your love and I want to inform you that at least that family but some families are More worse especially in Bundibugyo District. I wish you try also these side and witness thanks my watsap no. +256779481879. George.

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