Poor School infrastructure Slowing education sector in Uganda

photo of a school in Rukungiri with no classroom

Education is the foundation on which other sectors of the economy such as infrastructure, health and agriculture are built. Its financing should not be considered as competition with other sectors but an obligation for which any reasonable state leader has no option.

Rukungiri — North Kigezi Diocese Bishop Patrick Tugume has expressed concern over the poor quality infrastructure in rural primary schools. Bishop Tugume said the environment in which children study can never favour them to attain the best results like other well equipped schools adding that it is also another reason for the increased school drop outs in rural areas.

File photo of a school in Busoga with dilapidated structures

Therefore Power Minds Youth Organization and its funders People Help People One World Idstein Germany have opted to embrace the Private and Public partnership in promoting education especially improving Infrastructure. We started projects for better Water and hygiene and now we are on building classroom blocks for pupils in rural schools. Our goal is to increase in literacy by creating a good environment for children to attend school.

File photo school structure almost running down.

What Power Minds Youth has done:

We  identified a school with poor infrastructure and sanitation, hygiene problem and financed the  construction of new classroom blocks and its water sanitation and hygiene structures. And the first beneficiary was in Kamunye village primary school with over 500 pupils during school going days. Its located in Wakiso district one of the most affected regions in central Uganda. Through our partner Organisation  ( People Help People One World Idstein Germany) we have manage to put hope in  the people of Kamunye village by rising 3 classroom blocks to accommodate 80 pupils each. We hope this will create a big postive change in the pupil school attendance rate in Wakiso district.

One of the classrooms being worked upon

This is currently primary school in Kamunye village which benefited from People Help People One World Idstein Germany, classroom Project funding.

We are also currently working out with proprietors of other primary schools in Wakiso vulnerable areas especially rural areas to benefited in our projects of Water, Sanitation Hygiene and education infrastructural development.

A volunteer visiting one of the unfinished classrooms funded by People Help People One World Idstein Germany.

Proprietor of the school showing our volunteer on work so far done by PMYO project

Our volunteer taking a case study in some of the materials pupils learn in one of the unfinished classroom room locks

To support this project you can contact us by email, mail@powermindsyouth.org or by phone +256774360587 or donate via our project paypal. We also encourage international volunteers to come and teach in the school or work on the constructing together with our constructors.

By: Mr. Nicholas. Ssenjala, Executive Director

 Power Minds Youth Organization

People help people one world Idstein Germany improving education in Uganda.

Children with Physical disabilities to benefit from our new funding.

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