Our New Membership in Volunteerism

Power Minds Youth Organisation has depended on volunteers especially international volunteers for so many years and the impact has been so great especially in our community projects in wakiso.

Therefore we have been finally recognized for the membership of the International Association for Volunteers the only international volunteer association which support volunteers around the world.
https://www.iave.org</a, https://www.iave.org/join-now/
This recognition will help power Minds Youth to have more influx of volunteers as a result of networking from around the world through attending numerous volunteer conferences, https://www.iave.org/event/25th-iave-world-volunteer-conference/

 Volunteers from Ecuador visiting our booth   Volunteers from Augsburg fall in love with our African Products from Uganda   Our Executive Director in front of our booth in Augsburg     South American team visiting our booth in Augsburg    Delegates admire works done by volunteers from Power Minds Youth Uganda   South Korean and Asian Volunteer team pause for a group photo with our ED. Mr. Nicholas. Ssenjala

Power Minds Youth Organisation booth at the 25th IAVE World Volunteer Conference Augsburg 2018, we were privileged to attend and showcase our Volunteer African products made by the local volunteers in Uganda in support of the volunteer program.

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