PMYO team donates to Children and Elderly

Fischer Foundation for children and elderly a project formed in 2018 by Mr. Timo Fischer Julian a 17 year old student from Germany is a project with an objective/goal of give sustainability to vulnerable children and elderly persons in rural areas. The sustainability is both education facilitation for children, shelter , small start ups inform of entrepreneurship , food, clothes etc. This project is funded by the Fischer family in Germany.

On 8th February 2019 staff members headed by our Community Facilitator and Women Entrepreneur program coodinator Ms. Nakamwa Aminah donated 100 kilograms of food, clothes for children and elderly, shoes for school, and all scholastic materials to help the caretakers take the children back to school.

We also launched a campaign to build a home for the 30 children and 10 elderly people under this project. A donations platform  was built up for all people around the would who would like to donate towards this project to use and all donations are forwarded 100% to the project.

We look forward for the success of this project in changing lives.

Author: Hannnington Mutebi

Social media manager .

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