PMYO Director takes a Project fundraising trip to Germany in the Afrika summer Festival 2019

Afrika Festival Weilimdorf Stuttgart 21- 23 june 2019
Afrika Festival Freundenstadt 28-29 June 2019
Afrika Festival Karlsruhe city 12-14 july 2019
Afrika Festival Freundenstadt city 5-7 july 2019

Since 2011, Power Minds Youth Organisation has had a good partnership with Juz Idstein”  Frankfurt Am Germany under the supervision of Mr. Torsten Fleischer of the City of Idstein and People Help People One World Idstein Germany under the leadership of Mr. Bernhard Wingerberg. The Juz  Idstein for so long have participated in the Idstein Jazz Festival under which they have raised lots of Euros to help boast PMYO Kasanje Youth center

They have also donated lots of soccer kits to the youth sports teams in kasanje and pysically visited to do voluntary work at PMYO youth center. Over 150 youth in Kasanje have benefited from the partnerschaft between PMYO and Juz Idstein.

Our partnership has since then helped PMYO and its leaders to travel to Germany and participate in fundraising events for the Organisation which in return has helped the Organisation to sustain its projects. In these events like  Afrika Festival Hamburg, Afrika Festival Weilimdorf Stuttgart, Afrika Festival Freundenstadt, Afrika Festival Forchheim Germany, Afrika Festival Karlsruhe Germany our team from Uganda have participated and successfully raised funds to ran PMYO activities.

Our partnership with  Mr. Bernhard Wingerberg of People Help People One World Idstein and his family has seen tremendous success in 10 projects for the youth communities in Kasanje Wakiso district. Water Sanitation and Hygiene projects funded by people help people Idstein has become the most popular development in kasanje village and over 10,000 inhabitants have got access to clean water and improved sanitation especially in infant schools. Currently Mr. Bernhard Wingerberg together with People  Help People Idstein are funding projects for children with disabilities in different villages of Wakiso.

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