Power Minds Youth Organisation(PMYO) has had a long standing partnership with the Town of Idstein Frankfurt Am Germany for over 8 years now implementing youth projects and supporting youth physically,economicall and socially. This has seen many young people in rural areas of Uganda developing talents, development small projects that has helped them realise their dreams.

During his summer business holiday in june and july 2019 our Executive Director Mr. Nicholas Ssenjala was in Germany and met the department heads of the sports and youth center ( Sport- und Jugendpflege) at the town administration offices, Mr. Martin Shilling and Mr. Torsten Fleischer and other officials in the department where they donated sports equipment worthy 2.5 million Uganda shillings to PMYO sports department in Uganda on behalf of our partner group the JUZ IDstein.

These equipment will be used to boast our PMYO soccer team under 16 and under 18 to developed their sports talents for some to realize their dreams of becoming World soccer prayers.

We extend our sincere gratitude to the Town of Idstein for their constant support towards PMYO projects for young people.

We also call upon any sports organ or individual all around the world to partner with us in growing the talents of young stars, there are so many good talents in rural areas of Uganda untapped and they just need mentoring and a small part on the shoulders to kick start their talents .

You can donate soccer shoes and training kits to them. You are welcome.Article Author: Flavia Kateete: Secretary on Board. Power Minds Youth Organisation Uganda


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