Eddie was born single( same father same mother) soon after birth the Father died and now staying with Mum who desperately leave in poor state. watch Eddy’s life in 10 mins, https://youtu.be/ozj2fBSrG4U

Eddie , is such a bright kid, as you will watched his story, despite all circumstances he loves education, he loves any kind of life and ready to show the world what others can do also he can. Eddy’s full Story in a short Video: https://youtu.be/ozj2fBSrG4U


The environment in which he stays is too inaccessible, being chased away from a single room where they have been staying since childhood occupying one room muddy built, -he cannot walk on two strong legs – survives on 2 meals a day, on a good day, – has no pajamas, -sleeps on couch cushions on the floor, – has no fresh water to drink, – he has few clothes,- no toothpaste, -one pair of socks and muddy shoes, his father died, his widowed mother is in danger of losing their one room home. Subscribe to Eddy’s life in 10 minutes https://youtu.be/ozj2fBSrG4U
Yet he wakes up each morning, crawls 45 minutes to school in the mud, dust, rain and Equatorial heat and is determined to get an education. We were so touched by Eddy’s determination to get education no matter his situation.

Ms. Pauline Greenlick in her words and expression said “When you wake up in the morning and start your day complaining complain about having to go to Work or School, think of Eddy and how determined he is to overcome serious challenges because he so desperately wants to learn”. Please donate towards changing Eddy’s life now.

Eddy needs a wheel chair to ease his movement to school, he needs an improved accommodation with proper sanitation and hygiene through improving his mothers old muddy house, he needs daily basics foods and drinks, he needs shoes, scholastic materials for his education, support for his school expenses and general living. We welcome Volunteers to sponsor Eddy’s education and daily living or build Eddy and his mother an improved house or buy a wheelchair to easy Eddy’s movement to school.

Don’t forget to subscribe to Eddy’s video on https://youtu.be/ozj2fBSrG4U and support Eddy through his facebook fundraising page, https://www.facebook.com/donate/2266406343619697/ God will bless you as well. For help please visit our Facebook fundraising page:https://www.facebook.com/donate/2266406343619697/ or email us on, powermindsyouth@yahoo.co.uk, mail@powermindsyouth.org or visit our page on www.powermindsyouth.org Author: Nicholas Ssenjala, Executive Director, Power Minds Youth Organisation & Mr. Yekosofati Buwembo. This article is dedicated to Ms. Pauline Greenlick of ASA SOCIAL FUND FOR HIDDEN PEOPLE, feel free to contact her on, madeline.greenlick@asasocialfundforhiddenpeople.org or her website: www. asasocialfundforhiddenpeople.org.

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