PMYO was first established by a group of 8 youth in June 2009 as power minds youth club with a vision to spread out to rural communities in Uganda. It was then resolved to form a community based organization and its name changed to POWER MINDS YOUTH ORGANIZATION and registered under wakiso district NGO Act on 30th November 2010 REG No. WCBO/1317/11. PMYO implements programs with components of girls or women empowerment, reproductive health through advocacy, Water Sanitation and hygiene programs (WASH), commercial agriculture, promotion of education for sustainable development, environment protection advocacy, sports, music development, inclusive WASH programs for disabled children and elderly. All the above projects are per-designed to help the rural vulnerable communities.






Currently PMYO has a team of five qualified Directors all dedicated to designing, fundraising, project implementation,monitoring and management. PMYO projects are implemented in kasanje village 35km from the city center in wakiso district.

Important Links to read, http://powermindsyouth.org/projects-2/news/