POWER MINDS YOUTH ORGANISATION (PMYO) is a 3 folded strategy envisioned to act in 3 focused objectives;

  1. All designed programs should primarily target young people between age 10-35 who should be developed and in the short run impact their communities positively.
  2. All programs should be youth led, youth focused ie demands should be made by the young people as the primary beneficiaries.
  3. All projects/programs should be youth designed to empower people through education advocacy, skills training and entrepreneur development.

VISION: Empower young people through education, lifetime skills training, entrepreneurship and Community sustainable development.


Provide anew generation of dynamic young people by actively providing support to their mini and small scale activities in their communities.


Respect, Integrity, Stewardship, Hard Work and Responsibility.


  1. Mobilize, train and empower young people economically, socially, and physically through practical vocational lifetime skills for self sustainability.
  2. To engage in activities geared towards advocacy and promotion of reproductive health among young people, prevention and reduction of drug abuse, child abuse, STDs and HIV/AIDS.
  3. Mobilize available technical and financial assistance suitable for different activities for the benefit of young people and their communities.
  4. Enhance productivity and put resources, products and services together in bulk in order to attract a bigger market and increased youth community participation in alleviating poverty.
  5. To network the young people of Uganda to other young people throughout the world so that they can interact and share knowledge and experience to become change agents in their communities.
  6. Engage in activities that support and enhance environmental sustainability and fight climate change, sanitation and hygiene among young people as a way of community development.
  7. Advocate for rights of young people to benefit in policies designed by the government of Uganda i.e. employment policies, education policies, human rights policies, health policies and other NGO youth focused policies.
  8. Supporting sustainable  development among young people through providing education resources and funding to disadvantaged young people.         
  10. Currently PMYO is governed by a board of 5 members as Directors with a responsibility of initiating and implementing projects for the young people in their communities in rural areas of Uganda.


PMYO works with local community at the grassroots, other development partners like local and international NGOs, institutions and government gender ministry through Wakiso district to facilitate youth groups, clubs and communities to improve on their livelihood and reduce poverty and unemployment in their communities.


Practices that slowly sends you to death

Teenage Mothers still benefiting from our basketry project