Our mission is to advocate for the education and welfare of vulnerable children in Uganda” You can also visit our page
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Help us change a child’s life for just $20! Donate so they can get education. Your donation provides enough books, pens, pencils, and math sets for the entire year!

$20 Per Child, Per Year

Power Minds Youth Organisation has set a goal of providing quality education to 1000 Children in Uganda for an entire school year! We can reach our goal with your help. You can sponsor a child for a full year for just $100 Five children for an entire year is only $500.  Your donation provides tuition/fees in a good education environment for 1 child for entire year, each year has 9 month constant school term.

$100 per Child School fees for a year
Your donation buys a children school uniform which includes shirt,pants, stockings, sweater and school shoes for the entire year. Many children in Uganda go to school without or no hope for shoes in their entire year of education. Save a child and improve his/her well being.

      $40 per child

Donate a Meal to a child. Your donation sponsors a child meal at school for a full year. Many children who can afford some education cannot afford meals at school leaving then hungry all day. This has caused malnutrition among children affecting their education,

$20 per child for a year


Support movement of a Child with Physical disability attend School: 55% of children with disabilities in Uganda fail to attend education due to lack of ease to movement especially those physically handicapped. Your donation gets a child with physical disabilities a Wheelchair for the rest of his/her life to easy movement to and from school.

$100 per Child for entire Life

Donate a Toilet for Children With Disabilities (CWDs)  A fully constructed 2 stance toilet facility costs $ 2200. 

Traditional unclean non inclusive Latrine for children in one of the schools in Uganda. 

$10 can buy a bag of Cement, 
$50 can buy a full truck of Sand, 
$5 can buy a tile for the floor,
$1 can buy 10 bricks to build,
$ 300 can pay for the full construction of the toilet,
$200 can buy a medium water tank for the toilet,
$5 can buy 1 metal for construction,
$17 can buy iron sheet for roofing,
$13 can buy a 20 liter paint,
$100 can buy a wheel chair specifically for the toilet


Launching of the Fischer Foundation Projekt in Wakiso district Uganda to build a home for 30 homeless children
You can also make a bank transfer on our project bank account as below:
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 01021110500289

IBAN: GB59CITI18500811117874