Every month of December we share  Christmas with our Communities and for the past 5 years we have celebrated Christmas by giving back to Childrens homes and orphanages, youth and teenage mothers in vulnerable areas of uganda.   

This year 2022 we dedicate Christmas to Children with Disability Challenges in Uganda.
Children with disabilities are often forgotten, neglected and disregarded in societies esspecially when it comes to their health and welfare.


We therefore choose to remember the strong exisitence of these vulnerable children in Uganda this Christmas.
We will donate Wheelchairs to those who need them, Clothes,shoes, detergents,food suppliments, lots of food to take them through the festive month, we will put up father christmas entertainment to give out lots of gifts for christmas to the kids.  support link:


We kindly call upon all our friends volunteers, supporters and partners to join us this festive month to bring hope and happiness to the most needy and Vulnerable Children in Uganda.
With your support we believe we are going to reach out to hundreds of Children with disability in Homes and Care Centers. pledge your support here:



We also call upon Volunteers to help us on our Christmas Giving day. The volunteers will visit Home Care Centers for Children with Disabilites to Clean homes, Shower Children, Wash Clothes, dress the kids, play games and motivate them. We belive it will be a memorable day for these children.

For Volunteer application please write to us: with a Title: Volunteer for Kids.
Thank you for your support and looking forward to your generous participation.