Volunteers play a very big role in Organization development. Over the past years, volunteers have had a big impact as far as resource mobilization, sponsorship, capacity building and publications.
In 2015 PMYO hosted a team of volunteers from Juzz Idstein Germany which collectively funded and participated in renovation of a Youth center project to create a meeting point for young people in kasanje wakiso district.
This project was to benefit all young people in wakiso district especially in Kasanje sub county as a meeting point, skills training center, empowerment center, information center etc.
 Katharina and Franz at the slum kids center     


 Pascal and franz playing music for children at our offices


 Franz and Katharina with our administrators 


 Our volunteers donating sports equipment to our youth team


 Our volunteers participated in empowering women in kinawataka slums in Kampala with skills in beads making.


  A group of our fundraising volunteers from Germany


    65 year old Mr. Fischer visited for volunteer services in schools which he did successfully    
17 year old Timo from Idstein Germany visited for voluntary work for 3 weeks and he worked on the project for children and elderly




Pascal Gobbers and Fabian .P From Idstein Frankfurt Germany


Katharina Thierof From Wisbaden Germany
Volunteer at PMYO Kasanje Youth Center 
PMYO  also coordinates short missions for college and university students to enable them with their degree programs. In addition we do work with Christian institutions to host their missionaries in our projects for both learning experience and exposure.
We are currently accepting volunteers from all around the world to get involved in our projects below
  1. Water Sanitation and Hygiene training and sensitization
  2. Youth, women and children skills training
  3. Sexual Reproductive health training
  4. Environmental protection training
  5. Working with Disabled children
  6. Talent and sports Development for young people especially soccer for girls
  7. International and local Fundraisers needed
  8. Social media promotional managers
  9. Power Minds Youth Organization Ambassadors in Europe, USA, Australia, Asia and Africa,Canada, USA, UK etc


     To down load the German Traslated Fryer/Brochure please click me here
  10. Download our information fryer by saving it on your device and then printing it out to share with friends about our programs . Our  opportunities run all year round, Please contact us by email for more information on our services.
  11. Do you want to know how much to spend while on your voluntary work with us? Download our Volunteer program packages and costs here

Download me here!!!!! International Volunteer package and Costs