Our Partners


International Association for Volunteer Efforts (IAVE), 611 Pennsylvania Avenue SE Suite 420 Washington, DC 20003, USA,  http://iave.org

The Populace Foundation International Limited, http://www.tpfi.org/

GivingWay Supporting Non For Profit Organisations, https://www.givingway.com/


Kasanje Town Council, https://kasanje.go.ug/

Youth Intergration Livelihood Improvement Project International e.v  http://www.YILP.de

Artists with Disabilities Uganda

Exposure Africa USSIA Women Development Project

Netherlands Education Group, https://uconsulting.nl/




People Help People Help People One World Germany, https://www.betterplace.org/en/organisations/4233-people-help-people-one-world-bew-idstein-e-v

HBA-Consulting AG  Wiesbadener Straße 73  65510 Idstein Telefon 06126 9566 0,  Telefax 06126 9566 10, https://www.hba-consulting.de

Stadt Idstein Germany,  https://www.idstein.de/

Juz Idstein Germany, https://www.jugendpflege-idstein.de

Weltladen Idstein Germany, Weltladen Idstein
Schulze-Delitzsch-Straße 10 65510 Idstein,

Eden The Water and Coffee Company, Sperberweg 49 41468 Neuss Germany, www.edensprings.de