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Article 2. Power Minds Youth team Milly and Christine made trip to Germany to attend the Africa day investment forum in Hamberg on 24th to 28th may 2017 and after the forum they made a visit to Idstein town Franfurt where they met our project partners and funders the Juz Idstein and donated a gift for being royal, read articles here.

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Translation of “Für die Freunde in Afrika”  For the friends in Africa
(published in “Wiesbadener Kurier” / Idsteiner Zeitung on August 3rd 2016
 The Idstein Youth Center supports the development of a meeting place in Kasanje
Published by;  Liudmila Shkirtovkaya.
What connects Idstein/Taunus and Kasanje, a small African village near Kampala, the Capital City of Uganda? A friendship, you might say these days. Some years ago, Idstein youth worker Torsten Fleischer got acquainted to his African colleague Nicholas Ssenjala, whose occupation is youth work as well. Out of the contact, the idea of a youth center partnership developed. A cooperation lasting for years followed, which fruits can now be seen. As a result of the cooperation, it was made possible for the Kasanje people to create a Youth- and Community Meeting Place with financial help from Idstein. It all started in 2011, when, supported by the first Youth Center donation of 500 €, Nicholas Sssenjala took a long time-lease on an old hut that almost seemed like in danger to collapse – the laying of the foundation stone of the meeting place to become.
Step by step, the idea is taking shape
The Idstein Youth Center started collecting money from various activities, to push the African project. Step by step, the idea was taking shape. The floor was made, new windows were put in, the walls got plastered. A sign standing in front of the building in Kasanje always reminds of the partnership: “JUZ Idstein Germany” is written upon it, to be seen on a photo in Mr. Fleischer’s office. The youth worker is in continual e-mail-contact with his African colleague.
“In Africa, everything takes a little time. As soon as new money comes in, the construction work continues. But even though the building is not finished yet, it’s already used and established as a community meeting point”, Fleischer explains and shows some more photos documenting the project’s progress. “There’s always something happening, and it’s a good thing that we’re not under any pressure”. Recently, the Idstein JUZ was able to earn another 500 € for the project with its stand at the Idstein Jazz Festival. The earnings were made by selling Kasanje-handmade costume jewellery which had been transported directly to Idstein.
“Those handcraft occupations give Kasanje People – especially Youth without perspective – a possibility for a useful activity”, the youth worker knows. Nicholas Ssenjala coordinated these among other activities with his
“Power Minds Youth Organisation” – an organisation run and led by locals for locals. “What I value most about Ssenjala’s projects is that locals get the chance to help themselves. It’s not been put on from outside. In the end, the persons affected know best what they need most”.
Used laptops needed for interior equipping: 
Soon the partner Youth Center comes to equipping its interior. Useful pedagogic activities are planned to take place as well. For projects like these Ssenjala needs used laptops. “This way locals get to know how to work on the computer and the internet”, Fleischer explains. And who knows, maybe this development one day will lead to an even more intense exchange between Kasanje and Idstein.
  (Translated by: Mr. Torsten Fleischer Youth Coordinator Idstein Town council).
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