Technical & Vocational

Welcome to Ugandan-German Technical and Vocational Training Center Project located in Uganda and Managed by Power Minds Youth Organization (PMYO) a Non for Profit Community Based Organization. This project was initiated to celebrate our Ugandan and German friendship originating from Idstein Town Frankfurt with JUZ IDSTEIN and a Non for Profit Organization PEOPLE HELP PEOPLE ONE WORLD IDSTEIN GERMANY and Ugandans for a long time doing Social projects in Uganda.


To Provide a Competitive Skilled Young people through Technical and Vocational Education to scale down the unemployment gap and contribute to sustainable national economic growth and poverty reduction in Uganda’ ‘It involves Training Young people in practical Technical and Vocational Skills to scale down the unemployment gap and rampant migration of young people for employment in other countries.

Is to ensure that young individuals between the ages of 11 to 25 acquire the skills they need to raise productivity, self-employment and income.