Become A Volunteer

Volunteers are a great source of support for our NGO since they input high level of professional skills with alot of dedication. We accept both national and international volunteers, but the latter can not only provide skill support, but they can also be involved in raising funds for the organization.

Since 2015 PMYO hosted a team of volunteers from ,United states of America,Germany, Netherlands,Ploand, South africa who have actively participated in various projects esspecially for youth, children,women,community health sensitization, education in schools.
This has left a great postive impact to all the communities they have worked with. Application for volunteers are accepted all year round. Below are some of the activites for volunteers works.

Student Volunteers from Universities around Kampala participate in aSexual reproductive health training session for Teenage mothers and out of school girls




PMYO also coordinates short missions for college and university students to enable them advance with their degree programs. In addition we do work with Christian institutions to host their missionaries in our projects for both learning experience and exposure.
We are currently accepting volunteers from all around the world to get involved in our projects below
1. Water Sanitation and Hygiene training and sensitization
2. Youth, women and children skills training
3. Sexual Reproductive health training
4. Environmental protection training
5. Working with Disabled children
6. Talent and sports Development for young people especially soccer for girls
7. International and local Fundraisers needed
8. Social media promotional managers

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