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Project 1


What is the Project About?

Ever since COVID-19 broke up in the world many countries began struggling with how to contain its spread and its effects on humans economically, socially and physically. Uganda like any other country has been under lockdown since 18th March 2020 where no economical activities would be carried out, people enclosed indoors with little or no food and medical.

PMYO before COVID-19 was already supporting 3 groups of young between age 11 to 26, each group with over 50 young people clustered in their homes but the gathering at the Youth Center that was started by PMYO and its partners the JUZ Idstein and People Help People One World Idstein Germany in 2012 and this support is economically, socially and physically.

However, after the COVID-19 outbreak and country lockdown issues, every activity and support came to a standstill and the only resources that were left was to help the staff of PMYO and its beneficiaries cope with the lockdown situations.

Now that we know COVID-19 is not going anywhere and the vaccine is not even close to us we have decided to live with the new normal that COVID-19 has brought which is, wear Masks, Keep Social Distancing and Wash hands but that doesn’t bring food on the table for the kids and their families who are locked down with little or no food and income.

Therefore PMYO has created a sustainable project that can help the beneficiaries and our project survive and that is Sowing/Making Local Re-usable Masks for sale to the community and the nearby towns as well in order to earn a living and buy food for long term sustainability.

This project will help our beneficiaries engage in economic activity, skills acquisition, business and sales management which in future will be of great help in their lives.

The Re-usable masks will be made from affordable cotton material as guided by an expert and each Mask will sale at 2000 Ugandan shillings about half a euro cheaper and affordable than the imported Masks which sale between 1 and 1.5 Euros per mask which an average Ugandan cannot afford since an average Ugandan currently survives on half a euro per day because of the economy.

This will help the families of many of our kids to buy food and meet their medical bills smoothly.

We look forward to the success of this project since the government of Uganda has imposed compulsory ware of Masks by all citizens until the Covid-19 vaccine comes into play justifying our reasons for this project.

Why is the Project Important?

This project is inevitable judging at how bad our economy has been affected, businesses down, jobs lost and the existing businesses that are able to make money are the ones making essential products that can help stop the spread of Covid19.

And looking at the needs of PMYO and its beneficiaries every day, we need to create a sustainable project that will help the organization and its beneficiaries survive for a long time since the previous survival means that was making art and crafts is no longer viable until the situation gets back to its ground.

What are the Project Goals and Objectives?

  • Help PMYO earn income that can support its beneficiaries in a long term
  • Help kids acquire life vocational skills within the homes
  • Create household income for the Youth center kids and their families
  • Keep the Youth Center kids busy at homes to avoid getting into trouble with security and drug addiction
  • Raise great hope in the Kids away from Covid-19 scares and other myths
  • What are Project Strategy/ Listing of Project Activities?
  • We need to buy 10 Sewing Machines
  • We need to buy different locally made cotton Fabrics
  • We need to buy Threads, scissors, tape measures
  • We need to group the kids’ families into 5 family groups each getting 2 sowing machines and materials
  • We need a Tailor to train around 5 mothers in families who will in turn train the remaining groups (Trainers of Trainees) on how to make professional masks

What are the Expected results?

The 5 managed grouped families will be able to make at least minimum 10 standard masks per day which makes a total of 50 Masks per day selling at 2000 Ugx (Half a Euro) each

The sales will be managed by PMYO and distributed directly to the beneficiaries on a weekly basis.

What is the Budget Estimate for this project?

Item                            Quantity                     Rate                            Total

Sewing Machines       10                                120 Euro                    1200 Euros

Cotton materials        60 Meters                  3 Euro /meter          180 Euro

Scissors                       10                               2.5 Euro                         25 Euro

Threads                      50 Pieces                    1.1Euro                         55 Euro

Training fee               2                                 50 Euros                         100 Euro

Grand Total:                                                                                         1560 Euros.

To Donate use this Project please click here,

Or please Contact Mr. Fleischer Torsten and Mr. Martin Schilling for the Juz Idstein Center.

Email:, martin.schilling@idstein


Zziba village is one of the villages in Kasanje town councils wakiso district Uganda with no access to clean and safe water for the community which has exposed people to access unprotected dirty stagnate water for home consumption. This has caused so many death in mostly children and women in this village.
The spread of COVID-19 has exposed a lot of challenges regarding to water for hand washing in this community which has been paused a problem in combating the Spread of Covid-19.

Since 2013 Power Minds Youth Organization with support from its partners have raised funds to built clean and safe Spring water boxes for many communities in wakiso. And this time its a turn for this village.
Me and you can help this community stop the spread of Covid-19 and improved access to Safe and Clean Water.

Use of Proceeds

with $8 you can buy 1 bag of cement to build a protected water source for a community, $50 can buy stones and aggregates to the lay a foundation for the Water source, $45 can buy a truck of Sand to build the protected Water Source, $15 can buy 2 pipes to run the water from the ground.


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Nearly one-quarter of Uganda’s population is between the ages of 10 and 19. Many of these young people are at risk or already struggling with the consequences of an unplanned pregnancy or a sexually transmitted infection (STI), including HIV/AIDS. To minimize these risks and secure a healthy future for adolescents, it is necessary that we intervene especially regarding early child pregnancies, HIV/AIDS counselling and guidance programs.


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