Am Peter age 7 in primary 1 and because of my generous recurring sponsor I have managed to begin and stay in school and now my future is secure

What is Child Sponsorship?

Child sponsorship is one of the best ways to give children better lives and futures.

Child Sponsorship is a recurring giving and it’s a long-term association with the child

Sponsoring a child through Power Minds Youth Organisation is one of the most effective, inspiring and rewarding ways to help children. You’ll be doing much more than helping to meet children’s basic needs – you’ll be helping to equip them for life. By bringing about lasting change in your sponsored child’s community, you’ll also be improving the lives of many other vulnerable children.

Some of our sponsored kids

Am Elshadai and my brother jeremiah didn’t get a chance to see my parents but we thank God we managed to get new parents and sponsors who have secured our education future and now we have hope

When you sponsor a child, you will receive photographs of your sponsored child, information about your child, child’s family and community, annual report indicating the progress of your child.

With over 100 kids orphaned in our community with little hopes of attend school, we try as much to reach out to people or individuals who would like to give a hand in sponsoring a child’s education