Is Ebola Country Lockdown Eminent in Uganda?

Is Ebola Country Lockdown Eminent in Uganda?

Rising cases of Ebola in the Ugandan capital Kampala is fuelling fear of a possible lockdown with the Health minister, Dr Jane Ruth Aceng, saying medical workers were looking for more than 300 contacts of Ebola, most of whom are currently in Kampala and nearby Wakiso district.

The police and the military have sealed off several public places like small taxi parks, roadside makeshift markets and bus stages while other public places have reinstated the requirements to wear masks and wash hands before one can assess them. Some organisations have asked workers to resume working from home.

This week, Parliament resolved only 200 of the over 500 members will be sitting in plenary each day to reduce the risk of catching the disease.

Ebola in 3 schools

The Health ministry also confirmed six cases in three schools in Kampala and that it had lined up 170 contacts from these schools although the institutions, which were not named, remain open.

Health workers die

Among the confirmed cases are 15 health workers six of whom have succumbed to the disease.

Dr Aceng said the ministry needs up to $20 million to facilitate treatment, establish treatment centres, surveillance, contact tracing and related interventions. Already, $6 million has been set aside to fight the disease but the ministry maintains this is insufficient to contain the disease effectively.

What effects will the Lockdown have on the Ugandan economy which is already struggling to cope up. Many businesses, Organisations, schools  closing down since there is no facilitation from the governement inform of grants or subsidies. Families cannot afford to survive since part of the country is under lockdown with no facilitation.

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