The Netherlands Education Group – a joint project of Stichting Libertas International and Utrecht Consulting Group! We started in 2009 and since then offered educational programs for thousands of participants from around the globe. From the beginning, we decided to be as open as possible so we have already welcomed people from more than 40 countries in Amsterdam, The Hague, Moscow, Vienna and other places!

Our main purpose is to provide everyone with effective skills and knowledge through our short-term programs

Power Minds Youth Organisation entered into partnership with the Education Group on the ground of exchange programs for short Skilled course for young leaders from our Organisation.

So far a group of 5 young leaders have been selected this year to participate in Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop in Amsterdam 27 June to 2 July 2021.

The Organisation through its partners will sponsor the group of 5 Youth to travel to Netherlands for a 7 days short course program.

The development of youth entrepreneurship is an effective contribution to economic development! All young people are potential future leaders and they are the key mechanism for prosperity. During the course, participants go through a series of assessments in order to understand their pros and cons and the way to be effective at work or in personal life. Each participant receives individual recommendations and certificate.

Thank you Netherlands Education Group Amsterdam and our Partners.

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