Dear supporters, followers and donors of Power Minds Organisation we hope you are alive and well in this times of uncertainities. We send our kind regards to you all esspecially those who lost their loved ones to Covid19 for the 1 and half years now.

Uganda is battling with the Second Wave of Covid19 Varaint which has led to a Total Lockdown nationwide with no movement apart from essential workers and all business centers lockdown. Uganda being a third world country living under poverty level, has been hit hard with the Second Wave lacking oxygen in already poor health infrastructure and households lacking food and essential.
Uganda Enters another Total Lockdown

Food is what the community needs now

Power Minds Youth Organsation works on essential projects in communites it has proved so hard to close our office doors because of the need to save lives in communities however the biggest number of our Community Volunteers have been stopped due to the fast spread of Covid19  variant in our communities and the total Lockdown instated by the government of Uganda which has made our movement so hard in communities. Power Minds Youth Organisation Suspends Most Non Essential Volunteers as Communities battle with a Second Wave of Covid19 Variant

Volunteers calling upon communities to observe the Covid19 rules

Currently Power Minds Youth Organisation is facing a very hard time to support our Volunteers who are locked down in their homes and those who are still working on our projects in communities.

We need to support them with Food, Medical and essential household staff like soap,sugar. They dedicate alot of their time and energy on our projects since our organisation depends more on volunteers to ran its activities.

our Volunteer hands over food to the leaders of our Childrens youth Center to be distrubuted

our Volunteer hands over food to the leaders of our Childrens youth Center to be distrubuted

We also need to purchase temperature guns and Covid19 Mobile Testing Kits for our communities so we can monitor and take control of the fast spread of the Covid19 Variant. Uganda Covid19 death rate stands at 1000 daily and 65 % are young people below 25 years of age.

Because of that I therefore write to kindly ask for support from you in donations towards the call for help to our Volunteers.

5 Euro can support a Volunteers single household of 2 individuals with food  for 5 days

50 Euros can support 10 households with essential food staffs for 5 days

100 Euros can buy 4 temperature guns for the community to test the temperature 

200 Euros can buy 10 mobile Covid19 testing kids for our Volunteers working in Communities

You have supported us before and we know you can still stand with us in this bad times.

To Donate directly our bank details below,

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Account Number: 01021110500289

Bank Names: DFCU BANK (U) LTD

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Address: DFCU Towers, Plot 26 Kyadondo Road Kampala Uganda

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Thank you for your constant support to our Organisation


Nicholas Ssenjala

Executive Director

Power Minds Youth Organisation