100 Teenage/Young Mothers in Uganda aquire skills for sustainability this year 2022

100 Teenage/Young Mothers in Uganda aquire skills for sustainability this year 2022

About the Project

This project train teenage and out of school mothers with vocational and entrepreneurship skills to restore hope and transform their future and hence the entire future generation with socio-economic empowerment. The activites of the project help young generation  go from job seekers to job creators hence poverty reduction and there will be reduced crime rate in our communities after taking teenagers away from prostitution in trading centers and from drug deals.

One of young mothers carrying her baby.

Problem Adressed:

1 of 3 teenage girls gets pregnant unwillingly leading to school drop outs who lack skills for employment, despite other NGOs and government efforts to address the issue. The HIV/AIDS pandemic, abject poverty, Sexual abuse, domestic violence, forced marriages, leads to increase of needy teenage mothers and some with HIV/AIDS. They turn to prostitution, drug abuse and robbery to survive with their babies.

Power Minds Youth Organisation for the last 5 years has involved in skilling young people esspecially out of school with empowerment practical skills in respctive Commuities.

We have recruited over 100 Teenage mothers and out of school girls since 2019 to date. And so far 50 young mothers have graduated with basketery and Cluster weaving skills which they are using to make quality baskets for the tourism market and domestic use.

By the end of this year 2022 another round of 35 young mother and out of school girls in Communities in Uganda.

Project Activities and longterm impact

Young mothers are trained trained in Tailoring, Hair dressing and various hands and craft skills. On graduation, the trainees will be given technical tools and accessories as capital to start up as self employed. They will also be trained to train other teams of needy teen mothers. Employed teen mothers can then cater for themselves and their children and also save money for their future. Crime rate like robbery and drug abuse, Prostitution, HIV/AIDS spread and abortions will be reduced.

This project has always been facilitated by fundraisings done through international events and sales of various African crafts by our partners JUZ Idstein Germany during African summer festivals.

To support this project please visit us here: https://powermindsyouth.org/donation-options/

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