As Uganda battles with the second wave of Covid19 with hundreds of death weekly, on 18th June 2021 the president of the republic of Uganda Mr. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has announced a total lockdown of the country socially, economically and politically.

With Uganda’s Poverty level still at 1 USD a day per Ugandan, we are not sure how Ugandans are going to cope up in the second total lockdown wave.

Families and economies were still struggling with the post covid19 first wave economic lockdown with many having lost jobs and families.

Photo of our volunteers receiving food staff to be distributed to households

What is the way forward for Ugandans right now lockdown in their homes without food , drinks and essential items to use not allowed to move from home.

Power Minds Youth Organisation depends on Volunteers to manage community projects who we facilitate with food and essential items for their families since they dedicate much of their time and health in the activities of the organisation and we will strongly continue to support our Volunteers and temporary staff members with essential items for their families and households.

We call call for support of food donations and other essential staffs to our volunteers now.
God bless you all.

Author: Nicholas Ssenjala.
Executive Director
Power Minds Youth Organisation