Power Minds Youth Organisation

About Our Organization

Power Minds Youth Organization (PMYO) is a Non for profit Organization initiated and designed to improving livelihood and well being of disadvantaged young people between the age of 10 to 25 both in and out of school and their communities. Activities and programs are partly initiated by Young people in the community for their benfit.

It was first established by Youth Volunteers and first registered under the government registrar of entities in June 2009 as Power Minds Youth Club and registered on 30th November 2011 as a Community Based Organization under the laws and NGO act of Uganda, registration number WCBO/1317/11, and now registered as a National Non government/Charity Organisation with Certificate of Incorporation  registration number: 80020003574295

  • Human Rights advocacy: PMYO commits to treating everyone justly in accordance with the need for fair balance between individual entitlements and interests of society.
  • Non-discrimination: PMYO does not discriminate humans in anyway during implementation of its programs and projects
  • Transparency: PMYO supports consultation and participation of all stakeholders at all stages of their interventions and accountability to the communities they serve
  • Integrity: Every member of PMYO staff, board and partners shall strive to maintain the highest standard of personal integrity in their dealings within the organization, with other stakeholders and their personal lives.
  • Team work: PMYO values the strength of team work to achieve its goal. Its functional teams are built within the organization and among its partners to efficiently implement its programs.


Free and quality Education for Vulnerable Children

  • Training and Vocational Skills development,
  • Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH),
  • Climate change in the communities through tree planting,
  • ICT/IT development among young people,
  • Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS counseling/guidance, early pregnancies among young girls. Promotion of modern agricultural practices for the youth in rural areas
  • Arts, crafts and culture preservation and development among young people through Entrepreneurship development,
  • Empowering youth with information and knowledge to raise their voices and share opportunities that may exist.
  • Child development through education, better nutrition advocacy
  • Sports, Music and drummer skills development
  • Child Labor
  • Human trafficking


Its located and operates in Kasanje Town Council Wakiso district with liaison offices located on Plot 15 Buganda Road.

PMYO has direct presence of its Interventions in eight villages in Kasanje Town Council where we run 5 Youth friendly drop-in centers five of which are girls’ only Safe spaces where Adolescent Girls and Young women go and receive a wide range of girl empowerment services

Over 500 mobilized young people engaged in self-social and economic development activities in Kasanje own council, mobilized young people specialized in making and selling of arts and crafts, engaged in carpentry, mechanics, building and construction

Approaches/ methodologies used by PMYO to deliver the Interventions to young people and their communities include:

  • Socio- economic empowerment – we do this through Vocational skills training, Street Business Skills training, Internship Placement, Startup capital, Linkage to the private and public business sector for market and job Placement.
  • Youth Mobilization and empowerment – this is done through conducting HIV Testing and Counseling Outreaches, Home visits, door to door identification in hotspots and slum areas, Community SRHR/HIV Outreaches; Peer to Peer community Education dialogues, community music, dance and drama education and awareness, Community educative Film shows and story telling
  • Specialized Trainings, awareness campaigns and Capacity building for key stakeholders specifically targeting
  • Village leaders, chiefs, parents, schools, companies and other organizations, the police, other CBO, Hotel/lodge/ bar owners, local leaders, peer educators, media, Health Service Providers.
  • Assessment and Enrollment – this is done through use of various tools and methodologies like Motivational Interviewing; Cognitive Based Theory and Assessment;
  • Participatory Community Appraisal – we use methods like Participatory Inquiry in Practice, Peer Education through the Self Protection program
  • Rights Based Approach – creation of friendly safe school environments that protect children from sexual abuse and exploitation and creation of codes of conduct that protect children and young people from sexual exploitation in the work place specifically targeting hotel/lodges/ brothels/ bars
  • Family tracing, Psychosocial support and Reintegration
  • Psychosocial Support – we use Interpersonal and group counseling sessions; Music, dance and drama therapy, Aerobics, sports, temporary shelter, basic requirements and needs, medication, care and support
  • Partnerships, Networking and Collaboration – with various Key stakeholders like the Police, villages councils, NGOS/ CBOs, Line Ministries, Local Leaders, Parents and caregivers, Informal and formal business partners, Public Health Centers and Social Facilities, General community
  • Monitoring and Evaluation – Data collection and analysis, documentation of MSCs, good practices, Lesson learnt, follow ups, Literature Review
  • Social Research- both operational, baselines, surveys, good practices, policy and literature reviews and informative research
  • Advocacy Campaigns– both at Grassroots communities, National and International level


  • Youth engaged or would like to start up small business activities,
  • Disabled children, youth and women
  • Widows/Single young mothers however young single mothers and girls take up 60% of the targeted benefits and priorities since they comprise the biggest number of youth in our group.
  • Orphans,
  • Youth living with HIV/AIDS,
  • Youth engaged in Agriculture in rural Communities,
  • Youth developing or making subsistence artisan products,
  • Drug or Alcohol addicted young people

 Areas of operation in Wakiso District (Kasanje Town Council)

 Strategic Priorities, Our strategic program areas include:

  • Capacity building and Development at secretariat level, Skills Training and rehabilitation and resource mobilization
  • Advocacy and Networking nationally and internationally for better access to resources, communication networks and inter-institutional linkages to enhance institutional learning, information sharing and innovation
  • Coordination, department liaison and coordination from top to bottom of programs
  • Programming, strengthening existing activities and projects and creating new ones
  • Implementation, successful implementation of projects.
Power Minds Youth Organisation